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18 key development areas of plastic materials


With the advent of the era of low-carbon economy, traditional materials and technology can not meet the requirements of the development, environmental protection, lightweight plastics industry has increasingly become the focus of attention, the new material is bound to become the development direction of the plastics industry is the focus of future development of the plastics industry direction."Made in China 2025" on major economic and social development and the needs of national security, choose 10 large advantage and strategic industry as a breakthrough point, and strive to achieve a leading position in 2025 or the international advanced level. Ten key areas are: new generation of information technology industry, high-end CNC machine tools and robotics, aerospace equipment, marine engineering equipment and high-tech ships, advanced rail transportation equipment, energy-saving and new energy vehicles, power equipment, agricultural equipment, new materials, biomedical and high-performance medical devices.Ten key trends for the specified field, the focus of development, and guide enterprises innovation activities, the National Advisory Committee on manufacture of power-building strategy prepared a special organization [ "Made in China 2025" Technology Roadmap focus areas], which referred to the polymer material directly related to the project are as follows:

1, reducing hull friction coatingKey breakthrough new high-performance coating technology reduction in resistance, resistance reduction bottom air lubrication technology.

2, cold temperature materials and equipmentFocus on suitable polar voyages core temperature materials hydraulic components, pumps, valves and other cold start and sealing technology research and development.

3, lightweight bodyAchieve composite / hybrid materials technology breakthroughs, reduce costs, the application rate in the new energy vehicles to reach 30% of independent rate of over 50%.

4, high-performance polyolefin materialsBreakthrough high melt index polypropylene, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, foamed polypropylene, polybutylene -1 (PB) and other industrialized production technology, large-scale application.

5, a polyurethane resinWater polyurethane materials focus on the development of environment-friendly polyurethane material, accelerate the development of raw material aliphatic isocyanates.

6, fluorosiliconesFocus on the development of polyvinylidene fluoride, PET, other fluorine resin and silicone resin, silicone oil.

7, special synthetic rubberFocus on the development and supporting the development of isoprene rubber isobutylene isoprene; development of silicone rubber, SSBR and rare earth butadiene rubber; halogenated butyl development, hydrogen and other Chinese nitrile rubber with special properties.

8, bio-based composite materialsKey breakthrough bio-based synthetic rubber technology, bio-based aromatic hydrocarbon synthesis technology, bio-based nylon preparation of key technologies, the new bio-based plasticizers synthesis and application of key technologies, bio-based polyurethane preparation key technology, bio-based polyester prepared in key technologies, biological Preparation of basic chemical raw materials and other key infrastructure technology.

9, bio-based materials, light industryFocus on the development of polylactic acid (PLA), polybutylene succinate (PBS), polyethylene terephthalate glycol ester (PET, PTT), polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA), polyamide (PA) and other products. PLA key monomer L- lactic acid and D- lactic acid optical purity of 99.9%, the cost decreased 20%; PBS key monomer biological succinic acid, 1,4-butanediol improve the biological conversion rate of 5-10% ; PTT key 1,3-propanediol monomer cassava starch, glycerin and other non-food raw materials fermentation, PTT spun polymeric fiber to achieve industrialization; PA key monomer pentanediamine sulfate refined purity higher than 99%, decrease costs 20 %.10, special engineering plasticsFocus on the development of thermoplastic polyimide (PI) resin-based plastic, phthalazinone ether sulfone ketone type copolymer resin (PPESK), high-fluorine plastic molding special fiber, filter materials, high temperature membrane function, high-performance resin-based composite materials, high temperature insulation materials, high temperature functional coatings, special high temperature adhesive. Engineering thermoplastic polyimide resin, a viscosity of 0.38dL / g, Tg = 230-310 ?, Td5%> 500 ?, tensile strength> 100MPa, flexural strength> 150MP, cost <150,000 / ton; phthalazinone polyether ketone sulfone copolymer resin, Tg = 263-305 ?, tensile strength 90-122MPa, tensile modulus 2.4-3.8GPa, volume resistivity 3.8-4.8 × 1016? • cm, to reduce the cost of 50-70 PEEK %. High fluorine plastic key performance indicators: ultra-pure fluorine plastic products: PTFE solid performance density SSG?2.147g / cm3, PTFE resin tensile strength> 28MPa, elongation of> 350%, dielectric strength> 3.5KV / mil. SEMI C12 meet the requirements of the standard; high and low temperature functional film fluoride materials, special fluorine fibers and filtration products: high-end to meet environmental requirements, PTFE resin requires compression ratio> 3000 tensile strength> 28MPa, elongation> 360%; oil and gas and chemical fluid transfer pumps, valves and pipes PVDF resin density requirements 1.75-1.77g / cm3, melt index 0.5-2.0g / 10min, melting point 156-165 ?, thermal decomposition temperature ?390 ?, moisture content of ?0.10%, The glass transition temperature ?-35 ?, brittle temperature ?-62 ?.11, Advanced Textile Materials

(1) high-end textiles2020 absorbable sutures, independent industrial hemodialysis material partial substitute for imported products; meet the heat, biochemical, static electricity, radiation protection requirements, and other functions; high temperature filtration, water filtration products meet the performance requirements of applications; geotextile material meet the complex geological environment construction requirements. 2025, to meet the multi-functional complex protection requirements, while achieving a lightweight, comfortable, and some intelligent filtering to further enhance the stability and product life, low-cost applications and intelligent monitoring and warning functions combined.

(2) new functional textile materials2020 flame retardant LOI> 32, no droplet, drip diffusion time <1s, energy consumption by 20%. 2025 high-end products basically achieve self-sufficiency.

(3) bio-based chemical fiber2020 PTT fiber material 1,3-propanediol purity of more than 99.5%, cost control in 1.5 yuan / ton; polylactic acid heatproof temperature ?110 ?, monomer purity ?99.9%, PLA fiber breaking strength greater than 3.5g / d , 30% -35% elongation at break. 2025 PLA fiber production costs close PET production costs.12, high-performance membrane materials

(1) desalination reverse osmosis membrane productsDesalination rate of more than 99.8%, water flux increased by 30%, desalination projects up to 200 tons / day, equipment localization rate of more than 80%.

(2) Ceramic Membrane ProductsPacking density than 300m2 / m3, costs decreased by 20%, demand reached 200,000 m2, breakthrough low-temperature sintering technology, formed airlift membrane separation equipment, energy consumption decreased by 30%.(3) an ion-exchange membrane productsFilm properties increased by 20%, more than 10 million tons of chlor-alkali industrial applications scale, breaking all-new membrane chlor-alkali production technology and complete sets of equipment.

(4) The hollow fiber membrane productsIn the field of application of water production, sewage treatment and other more than 10 million tons / day, membrane area more than 20 million m2.

(5) pervaporation membrane productsPermeate flux increased by 20%, the membrane area of 100,000 m2, break large membrane group and membrane integrated application technology, promote the use of more than one million tons of scale dehydration and solvent styrofoam recycling, saving more than 30%.13, high-performance fiber and composite materials

(1) high-performance carbon fiber and composite materials2020 domestic high-strength carbon fiber and composite materials technology maturity reached nine, achieve economies of scale in the automotive, high-tech ships and other fields; in 2025, the domestic high-strength molded, high-strength high modulus carbon fiber and composite materials technology maturity of 9 level; strive to 2025, combined with the development process of China-made large aircraft, aviation made CAAC / FAA / EASA airworthiness certification and other carbon fiber composite material portion of key components. Carbon fibers (T800 grade) Tensile strength ?5.8GPa, CV?4%, a tensile modulus of 294GPa, CV?4%.

(2) high-performance para-aramid fiber and composite materials2025 Domestic para-aramid fiber and composite materials technology maturity reached nine.To establish a unified standard, high-performance fiber materials technology system, capture high-performance fiber series of industrial technology and efficient preparation, conduct and domestic high-performance fiber composite material that matches the base material, design, molding process, characterization, validation and application recovery recycling and other research, to ensure that the major equipment needs. Aramid breaking strength 20-22cN / dtex, elongation at break of 3-4%; polyimide fiber fineness of monofilament 2.0dTex, strength> 4cN / dTex, limiting oxygen index of 38%.

(3) and other high-performance fiber composite materialsFocus on the development of metal matrix, ceramic matrix of advanced composite materials, components and related technology and equipment; polyimide fiber fineness of monofilament 2.0dTex, strength> 4cN / dTex, limiting oxygen index of 38%; ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene fiber, basalt fibers, polyphenylene sulfide fibers, high strength and high modulus polyvinyl important species formaldehyde fibers, polytetrafluoroethylene fibers, silicon carbide fibers, etc.; develop high performance PBO fiber tensile strength 5.8GPa, modulus 270GPa, limit oxygen index of 68%.14, a new generation of biomaterials(1) regenerative medicine products5-10 developed a kind used in bone, skin, nerves and other tissue regeneration and repair of bioactive materials, advanced regenerative medicine products annual production scale 5 billion.(2) Functional plant / interventional products5-10 items used in the development of cardiovascular, artificial joints, dental implants, visual recovery clinical biomedical materials, advanced functional plant / interventional products with an annual output scale 3.0 billion.(3) Medical raw materialsTo achieve localization of key raw materials, the support towers of medical supplies, permeable membranes, biodegradable equipment and other products, annual production scale to achieve 3.0 billion.15,3D printing material(1) Other 3D printing specialty materialsFor industrial breakthrough 3D printing materials preparation technology, the establishment of product standards related materials.(2) Medical increasing material manufacturing technology (3D printing)3D printing technology can be adapted to implant materials and modification techniques, carbon nanotubes and graphene material for medical technology, comprehensive solution for personalized manufacturing, including testing, computer-aided design and manufacturing technology.16, intelligent bionic and metamaterials(1) controllable metamaterial and equipmentAchieve a particular band or absorbing electromagnetic waves through specific bands from absorbing wave converter wave controllable and transparent conversion, or electromagnetic radiation.(2) regulatory and Bionic bioadhesive separating materialAchieve long-term anti-adhesion of marine life (3 years, less than 5%), non-toxic environment; efficient regulation of adhesion enrichment and separation of more than 99%; 2-3 obtain long-acting anti-bionic Marine bioadhesive coating layer material and bionic efficient separation technology and equipment. TAGS:undefined(3) flexible intelligent materials and wearable devicesImplement flexible biomimetic smart material "roll to roll" production, to achieve electromagnetic adjustable, intelligent sensing, 0-360 bent, it is compatible with the human body. Overall breakthrough bionic bioadhesive Regulation and separating material preparation and large adhesive coating technology; flexible, large area of preparation and bio-compatible smart materials technology; with intelligent and adaptive bionic controllable metamaterials joint design techniques.17, graphene(1) lithium battery electric vehicles graphene-based electrode materialsThan the existing material charging time by more than 1 times, mileage increased by more than 1 times.(2) marine engineering and other graphene-based anti-corrosion coatingsThe more traditional anti-corrosion coating to improve the life of more than 1 times.(3) flexible electronics graphene film withCost-effective than ITO, and has excellent flexibility, can be widely used in the field of flexible electronics.(4) optical / electrical field of high-performance graphene-based thermal interface materialGraphene-based heat sink material than the existing product performance increased more than 2-fold.The overall size of the preparation of graphene breakthrough technology, graphene powder dispersion technology, graphene-based electrode material composite technology.18, advanced medical furniture foam package recycling equipment therapeutic equipment(1) large heavy ion / proton cancer treatment equipment, image guided radiation therapy device, the electronic endoscope HD, high-resolution confocal endoscope, digital minimally invasive surgery and plant systems, robotic surgery, anesthesia workstations, adaptive mode ventilator, the electrosurgical instrument, intraoperative imaging equipment, brain pacemaker and vagus nerve stimulation and other neuromodulation products, integrated digital operating room, biodegradable vascular stents, orthopedic implants and dental materials, foldable intraocular lens, etc. .(2) key partsLarge heat capacity X-ray tube (8MHU above), the new X-ray photon detectors, ultrasonic diagnostic single-element probe, area array probe (more than 2,000 array elements), high-frequency micro-ultrasound probe (blood vessel or endoscopy), 3T high above field superconducting magnets, MRI using a multichannel spectrometer (over 64 channels), CT detectors, PET detector (based on silicon photomultiplier tube), biodegradable stent material, dialysis materials, medical grade polymer materials, implants electrode material using standard clinical laboratory quality control and other core components.


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