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Domestic renewable resources


On May 25, 2016, the Ministry of Commerce Circulation Development Division issued "China Resource Recycling Industry Development Report 2016."2015 is the "second five" to wrap, is a critical period of China's economic restructuring, by domestic and international economic situation, domestic renewable resources, market volatility is not strong, was weak state, the main varieties of renewable resources prices continued to fall, renewable resources, recycling corporate profits continue to decline, to see an overview of waste plastics industry in recent years.By the end of 2015, China's total of about 18 million tons of waste plastics recycling, the total amount recovered compared to 20 million tons in 2014, representing a decrease of 10% in 2014 compared to 2013 increased by 46.4%. Recovered by the end of 2015 the total value of 110 billion yuan in 2014 fell to 81 billion yuan, representing a decrease of 26.4%. The 2014 recovery of GDP growth of 23.9% compared with 2013. 

2015 imported 7.354 million tons of waste plastics, compared with 2014, reduced by 10.9% year on year. And in 2014, an increase of 4.7% compared with 2013. 
Through the above comparison of the data, waste plastics industry for nearly three years, the overall downward trend, industry profits shrink. Renewable resources industry is facing SituationBy 2016, the global economy will remain weak recovery trend, financial stability under pressure to raise interest rates and the continued strength of the dollar to dominate the global trend, the stock market multi-differentiation, commodity market still in the doldrums.Watching the domestic economy from the global economic downturn in the background, in 2016 China's economic situation is still more severe, problems and contradictions will face more complicated.Economy: the "new normal" wave has not yet faded, economic development is at the stage change, structural transformation, model reconstruction, the risk of the release of the critical period.Policy: macroeconomic policy will remain accommodative overall tone, focusing on supply-side management and reform, promote tax cuts and reduce production costs, accelerate innovation and improve product quality, so that the new supply to better meet the new demands.Waste plastics industry Review and Forecast2015 Analysis of waste plastics recyclingBy the domestic economic downturn and the sharp decline in international oil prices, the impact of China Plastics Processing Industry underperforming, plastic products production was 75,608,200 tons, growth from 2013 8.02% to 0.95% in 2015, China's top five general-purpose synthetic resins the apparent consumption of 70.05 million tons, plastic type about 500 million tons of domestic plastics recycling is about 27.35 million tons of domestic waste plastics recycling is about 18 million tons, down 10%.2016 waste plastics recycling trend forecast

1.2016 for plastic consumption will slow growth, waste plastics recycling market is not optimistic, the competition will become increasingly brutal. Waste plastics low-end products, intense competition, price war significantly, and the future development of high-end large areas.

2. As crude oil prices continue to decline, and new materials, waste plastics market impact, the industry downturn and the meager profits of the state hard to change.

3. Our waste plastics EPS recycling industry is in transition to upgrade and standardize the development of waste plastics recycling industry is a priority order. Companies will gradually move toward normalization.Problems facing the industry and national responsesWaste plastics industry is still a problem1. waste plastic general fall in prices, industry profit downward trend, at the same time, the economic, market impact, recycled plastic with virgin plastic spreads narrowed further.

2. Environmental rectify lead to reduced supply of raw materials, recycled plastics manufacturers rising procurement costs, plus labor and other operating costs increase, manufacturers decline in profitability, the industry into the era of little profit.

3.2015 years of waste plastics recycling companies operating rate of about 50%, small-scale enterprises, large dispersion.Macro-control for the development of the industry to create a good environment

1.In 2016, China's economy has entered a new stage of reform and development of innovation and deep, big data strategy for the country will be the main line of development, accelerate the penetration of information technology and big data and application resources in the field of recycling.

2. The elimination of backward production capacity and replacement of old equipment, to achieve the transformation and upgrading, energy conservation purposes.

3.In 2016, the government will strive to promote "along the way", and actively developing overseas markets, and deepen economic cooperation with countries along the product driven, engineering design, technical equipment and labor export.Policies and regulations to drive the industry to upgrade
2016, the Ministry of Commerce in conjunction with the Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Housing and Urban Construction, Ministry of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives jointly issued "on the promotion of renewable resources recovery industry transformation and upgrading of opinions" (commercial circulation Han [2016 ] No. 206), proposed to promote the "Internet + recycling" in the new model to explore new mechanisms for joint development of the two networks, and new approaches to improve the organization, to explore new ways to reverse logistics, sorting and processing to encourage the application of new technologies to promote renewable resources recycling industry transformation and upgrading of opinions. In the next few years, in a series of favorable policies to promote and market under the guidance of renewable resources recovery industry will be modernized, intensive and scientific direction.


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