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Polystyrene Recycling in green living tips


New technology to improve the efficiency of water-saving

"New technology to improve the efficiency of water-saving"

- technological innovation to change the cycle from the source Circular economy is a requirement to help users get rid of linear resource consumption, especially for those who can not be recycled materials and energy, in accordance with the concept of circular economy needs to be modified by means of...


plastic has become an indispensable part

From the mid-20th century, plastics are widely used. On the one hand, the plastic material is an important element of modern life, on the other hand has become a serious environmental pollution problems, research has been done in the scientific community. From the distribution status of the land and the sea view, plastic has become a human world of geology key indicator, it is a...


Plasticizers controversy renewed

Plasticizers controversy renewed!Not long ago, Jiangsu Province, quality supervision department store and from the electronic business platform altogether sampling of 120 batches of samples plastic bag book cover, slipcase package which 67 batches, 53 batches of the film package of books. Risk monitoring results show that 49 batches does not comply with the relevant ...