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Measures to improve the ability of imported waste materials


Zhangzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau news on May 26:
Zhangzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau to take various measures to improve the ability of imported waste materials checks.
First, the import of waste materials to build risk prevention and control system
Imported waste materials to establish the integrity of corporate archives, the establishment of enterprise credit file on the basis of data analysis, thereby leading to classification of goods, enterprise grade classification regulation mode; to strengthen the implementation and monitoring of labor risk prevention and control system, timely response to emergencies, implement the notification system alerts, check summary of the case by a single register to be notified waste shipped overseas suppliers of raw materials, the establishment of environmental unqualified disposal interview system.
Risk prevention and control system by the establishment and implementation, promote the transformation of imported waste materials inspection and supervision of thinking, so that advance effective prevention, rapid response thing, after proper treatment, the risk of imported waste materials to a minimum.

 TAGS:undefinedSecond, to enhance inspection and supervision of imported waste materials science and technology capacity
On the software side, to strengthen inspection and supervision of team capacity building. Strengthen professional training and policy learning first-line supervisors to encourage new and old to help pass band, unified business process and forms, strict inspection and quarantine supervision processes and eliminate operational bias and build an ideological hard work style, strict discipline, strong operational capacity regulatory team.
In terms of hardware, improve the port inspection site waste styrofoam recycling materials and mechanical equipment, with the implementation of electronic monitoring, video surveillance and other necessary facilities; configuration of high-tech testing equipment such as auxiliary handheld radiation detector, equipped with channel-type radiation detection equipment, with high-tech auxiliary equipment daily inspection and supervision work, promote the upgrading of the quality inspection and supervision work.
Third, improve the working mechanism of imported waste materials
The establishment and improvement of imported waste materials management system, standardize business management and improve the quality of work, the development of "imported waste materials inspection and quarantine supervision operating instructions", "domestic consignees of imported waste materials registered operating instructions" and "imported solid waste Zhangzhou Bureau radioactive material-channel monitoring of work instructions (trial) "and other normative documents.
Strict implementation of waste materials consignee registration approval, the approval period is shortened to seven days. Of key enterprises "24 hours in enterprises inspection" mode, the annual cost savings of 10 million yuan enterprises, promote industrial development of renewable resources. 2016 4 months, the council inspection of imported waste materials 315,720 tons, of $ 47,225,100, down 5.6% and 15.3%, respectively.


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