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Recycling automotive products


Current technology developed countries the average amount of plastic car 190kg/. The United States, Japan, the average amount of plastic cars accounted for about 13% of the car's weight, Germany accounted for 15%. China's automobile plastic consumption 80-100kg/, about 8% of the car's weight. The automobile industry developed country already the automobile plastic (including the polyurethane material and the compound material) the amount used as the measure modern automobile design and the manufacture level high and low one important symbol.
In recent years, the recycling and utilization of waste plastics has attracted great attention from all over the world. The relevant departments of the Chinese government has to attach great importance to, back in February 2006, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and the State Environmental Protection Administration jointly promulgated the "recycling automotive products and use technology policy", to guide and promote our country automobile product design, manufacture, scrap, recycling and reuse of the work.

Article 4 pointed out: "considering the production of automotive products, maintenance, dismantling process materials reuse, encourage the automobile manufacturing process using renewable materials, encourage the maintenance when the use of re-use of parts and components, so as to improve the utilization rate of recycled materials, saving resources and efficient use of energy, vigorously develop the circular economy." It can be seen that the recycling of scrapped automobile has the status and function that can not be ignored in the recycling economy.

Use of plastics in automobiles
With the plastic properties of continuous improvement, plastic in the car in addition to the widely used in the production of a variety of decorative pieces can now used to replace part of the metal materials, manufacturing some parts of the structure, functional parts and decorative parts. This will not only meet the performance requirements of some special automobile parts, but also meet the requirements of lightweight car. At present, the percentage of plastic materials in the whole vehicle quality is 8% ~ 15%.
The main characteristics of common plastics and its application in automobile

Recycling of used car plastic
Recycling companies to scrap cars from semi new car dealers, store sales, individual users over there fetch, and then the main parts of the engine, tires, and a gearbox, battery, catalyst device removed, after recharging, can use sent to half of the new parts suppliers. The remaining materials are classified as raw materials, the lead in the battery, the precious metal in the catalyst device, and the parts which contain special materials are used after special treatment. The last remaining large press compressed into a compact object is sent to the broken company, is broken into powder, and then divided into metal, non ferrous metal, crushed ASR (EPS Shredder Residue Automobile) and so on.
At present, we can through three ways of part of the car with a plastic recycling, this method are: particle recovery, re grinding; chemical recovery, high temperature decomposition; energy recovery is waste as fuel. For example: melt regeneration, thermal cracking, energy recovery, recycling of chemical raw materials, etc..
In addition, engineering plastics recycling materials utilization ways there are three: the materials designed to be used multiple times in the same or related applications; the second is the recovered materials for different occasions (such as for materials with low performance requirements of the occasion), which is known as "falls gradually recycling. Blending and alloying and composite of plays an important role in material recycling and reuse; three is the recovery of the monomers, PC engineering plastics is not modified by the direct use of the highest proportion of the varieties, because there is no other group, PC is most suitable for the recovery of the monomers. Chinese glass fiber reinforced nylon 6 has more than half of the base material is nylon fiber with recycled aggregate.

Reuse of waste plastics
At present, Japan and European countries in a few years ago have been put forward on the use of waste plastics styrofoam recycling requirements, and provides a specific period of time. In order to improve automotive plastic materials recycling property, from dismantling, separation, identification and reuse of were taken into account:
Such as to easy to disassemble the front bumper, the fixed connection point, from 32 reduced to 12, the disassembly time can be reduced by 40%; consider to rear combination lamp to use, it should be technological innovation, the existing adhesive connection connected to the bolt, easy disassembly, convenient reuse and EPS densifier recycling; take the production in parts of engraving material name method to material recognition. Volkswagen, Peugeot is a case in point, so that most components are reused; door trim panel, material from the film), iron, and wood composite material change for a single PP material, the dashboard from the PP / PVC Composite Modified PP single material to material polystyrene recycling machine.
The use of resin varieties of plastic parts can reduce the cost of recycling, improve the recycling of plastic to reduce the use of plastic parts on the car, can simplify the work of recycling. Reduce the types of resin used, with a single resin to produce a variety of components, the priority of the use of recycled resin, is to improve the recovery of automotive plastic parts of the best program. At present, there are 20 kinds of resins used in automotive plastics. The experts estimate that the variety of automobile plastic parts can be reduced to 9 to 4 kinds, among which PP is the main part. PP recovery has been commercialized, recycling is not a problem.
In addition to the above method, and all the methods of waste plastics, such as the waste polystyrene foam plastic crushing mixed with soil to improve the soil and water conservation, ventilation and drainage of, or as filler with cement to make concrete light. Or adding adhesive is pressed into the mat material etc..



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