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Renewable resources recycling field


Recycling industry began to explore PPP mode
To play a leading role in guiding government investment, increase financial support for private investment, and create the investment environment of fair competition, further liberalization of private capital market access, the state of public services in energy, transportation, water conservancy, environmental protection, encourages the use of Government cooperation and social capital (PPP) model, to attract social capital to participate, for the masses to provide quality and efficient public services.
By 2015, renewable resources, recycling field began to try PPP mode. Yichang City, Hubei Province supply and marketing cooperatives Jixin Asset Management Co. Ltd. and Guangdong Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. Shun Chemical induced through PPP mode, recycling of renewable resources to carry out cooperation projects. PPP model is conducive to innovation renewable resources recovery industry public service supply mechanism to widen financing channels, fully mobilize social capital to participate in renewable resource recycling projects enthusiasm, increase renewable resource recycling, treatment and other processes of public services, to a certain degree of perfection financial subsidy mechanism to meet the environmental requirements of residents, improve operational efficiency of enterprises.

Two network integration patterns emerge
In recent years, renewable resource recycling prices continued to fall, "scavengers" army of self-employed and enthusiasm gradually decreased, recycling market is "big profits rush in the harvest, do not accept small profit" situation, renewable resource recycling more difficult. Collaborative development of renewable resource recycling and garbage removal system are on the agenda.
Through collaborative integration of two networks, strengthen garbage classification and recycling of renewable resources recovery and effective convergence, can give full play to the advantages of the two systems, improve operational efficiency aspects of garbage in recycling, sorting, processing, boost renewable resource recovery, reduce landfill volume.
In addition, two further accelerate social network integration objective understanding of the significance of renewable resources, styrofoam recycling, garbage properly promoting source separation guide the whole process of environmental management of the entire social life concerns of waste, to jointly promote the construction of ecological civilization, to build a beautiful China. Currently, a number of representatives of Suzhou city, garbage, waste reduction and recycling of renewable resources has formed its own characteristic pattern.
Broader application of information technology
July 4, 2015, the State Council issued the "State Council on actively promoting the" Internet + "guidance action" (Guo Fa [2015] No. 40), and give full play to drive innovation role of the Internet, guided renewable resource recycling industry to information technology, automation, intelligent direction, and promote renewable resources transparency and facilitation.
Internet companies use the Internet to carry out large data information collection, data analysis, flow control, and other things through the two-dimensional code technology to track products and waste flows, and gradually integrated logistics resources, carding recycling channels, optimize the layout of recycling outlets, the demand side can make quick access service matching, intelligent logistics upstream and downstream enterprises, improve the renewable resource recycling system. Typical representatives of Internet companies, such as Amoy green love recycling, recycling brother, green cat, and then life, home help, green earth, flea Lang et al., Using the Internet to build online trading platform, promote renewable resources market by the following line to line line By combining transformation and upgrading, reduced recycling processes, reduce recovery costs and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.
Capital incoming power upgrade
By 2015, state-owned enterprises, listed companies push into renewable resources industry, industry competition, enterprises contrarian integration. Through mergers and acquisitions, companies optimize capital, technology, human resources, management and other elements of the configuration, strengthen cooperation with downstream applications enterprises and research institutes universities, adjust product mix renewable resources, specialization, differentiation road development, and continuously expand the product applications and market size. After development and reform, leading enterprises to integrate local resources to improve the level of processing of renewable resources, increase the added value of processed products sorting, cut capacity, resolve excess capacity and gradually improve product sales weak, prices continued to decline in the industry situation.
By 2015, the Gezhouba Group, a subsidiary of Science and Technology with the big chain Ka Luyuan Group signed a cooperation agreement to jointly funded the establishment of the Gezhouba ring Kerry Renewable Resources Ltd., with registered capital of 10 billion yuan. China Renewable Resources Development Co., Ltd. and Qinling Cement major asset reorganization approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the official backdoor regeneration Qinling Cement achieve the listing, the company's main business was adjusted to dismantling disposal styrofoam densifier of electronic waste. Grammy, Sound Environment, DJEC other listed companies continue to radiate vitality through regional acquisitions for recycling waste electrical and electronic products, improving processing technology, electrical components will be disassembled after simple treatment recycling, waste electrical and electronic products in outbreak period to create a new economic growth point, to bring new business development opportunities.


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